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Colossal Familiars (Open RP)
You are a young sorcerer/witch in training. Depending on where you live or how you were raised, your specialty and what your main goal is would vary. Recently, you have had some problems in your life which means one of many things for a magical being: you are about to get your own familiar. Familiars are special assistants for witches and sorcerers alike. But this won't be just a normal familiar. Your familiar would be massive!
Answer the following questions before we roleplay:
1) What kind of Witch/Sorcerer Are You?
- Examples would be a specific thing such as elements in nature, day, night, animals, foods, etc. Just run it by me.
2) What is your main goal as a magical being?
- It can be from protecting a certain area or spreading evil everywhere. Just run it by me.
3) What kind of familiar are you getting?
- The familiar is magical and most familiars are part animals, so any animal you would want is fine. But the familiar has to match with what kind of being you are. For example, if
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Anime Giantess RPG RP
Anime Giantess RPG RP
One day, you had a bet with your friends. You won it, meaning you actually got 50€ from it: not bad! So you decided to splash all them onto a new game, that was getting really famous these days: it was called "An Unforgettable RPG". Many people said it was extremely real, and it was like playing a real life game!
You bought it, as you started it. Soon it flashed with a white light, as you fainted.. When you woke up you were into a weird world... A voice called for you: "Go and win the game!"
The roleplay will be focused around this plot. How it works it's easy. First of all, you have to get an anime to start. It can be:
- Pokemon girls
- Yugioh girls
- Other (you can suggest)
Also, it's gonna be like an RPG Game. Every dungeon will have a Boss, which will be a 100 times bigger Giantess, and a few mini bosses
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My rudimentary

heart (psyche)

Earth Ponies
   herbalist: recognise medicinal plants and know how to collect and prepare them
   flowers: understand flowers and how to take care of them
   crops: farm and harvest planted goods
-Animal Tamer
   animal talk: communicate with creatures
   animal tamer: make violent animals calm and docile
   animal ally: tame animals try to help you
   power: stronger than normal
   quick: faster than normal
   deft: can use hooves and tail like hands

   flight: soar in the air
   wing touch: move wings like extra limbs
   wing barrier: use wings defensively
-Cloud Walking
   cloud riding: ride clouds like a vehicle
   cloud walking: walk around in an environment of clouds
   cloud cover: hide behind clouds
-Weather Control
   wet precipitation: rain, snow
   solid precipitation: snowflakes, hail, shooting stars
   energetic phenomena: gusts, twisters, lightning, storms

   stab: jam the point of the horn
   charge: ram with point of the horn
   blink: can move short distances by slipping through space
   potion: create magical droughts that confer a magical effect
   information: find out information using magic senses
   transformation: move or change something physically
MLP (Mega Lovely Pony) RPG (PnP edition)
This is the basics of my mlp pnp rpg. I'm working on it and expanding it as I go. :)
This is the basic sheet. I intend to add more stuff, items and a scene/scenario guide


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